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...welcomes you to our newly updated website. Our goal is to keep you informed and supplied with the latest information, links, tools and music to enhance your music appreciation. We invite you to check in regularly to get the latest updates on studio activities, events, practice tips, and news register and join our Forum to participate in an open communication with other students as well as our instructors.

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To provide our students with the pinnacle of artistic training and professionalism. To prepare those interested in careers in music, as well as those seeking a simple enjoyment through enhanced understanding of music, guided listening and improved abilities to play an instrument.


Notes from Glenn

The Guitar is My Friend

I love the guitar! You know what's really great about it? Well, one thing is you can take it with you just about anywhere you go. Granted, the airlines might give you a hard time if you try to carry one onboard. But for all else, it's easy and fun to bring with you.

I like to take one of…

Notes from Noëlle

Practicing Backward

Students often find that much of the music in the piano repertoire gets more technically difficult as it approaches the end, especially in late-intermediate to advanced repertoire.  An effective practice technique for mastering the difficult spots is to practice…


Notes from Lenny

Loose Wrists Sink Ships

Loose wrists are one of the most misunderstood attributes associated to playing the piano. On the contrary, when performing you need to be in complete control of your forearms, which of course include your wrists. I was taught this by Keuorilisky, who fingered for Horowitz on occasion, and…Read more...

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